Storing art demands trust, careful handling, the highest security standards and optimal storage conditions. Our modern art depots are located in Münchenstein (our headquarters near Basel) and in Effretikon (between Winterthur and Zurich). When it comes to storing art, Switzerland offers political and economic stability, rule of law, autonomy and dependable authorities.

High-security storage

Our storage facilities in Münchenstein near Basel and in Effretikon offer state-of-the-art security and direct connections to the police and fire brigade. The buildings themselves (built in 2001 and 2013) are solidly constructed from concrete, cement bricks and steel.

Climate-controlled secure storage

Our climate-controlled facilities maintain both stable temperatures (18 to 22 ̊ C) and humidity (45 to 55%). The data are recorded on an ongoing basis and can be made available to you at any time.

Bonded warehouse

You can store your works of art in our open bonded warehouse without paying duties or taxes until they are dispatched to their final destination.

Heated loading bays for trucks

Our heated, secure loading bays for trucks ensure constant temperatures during loading and unloading. This protects your art objects from fluctuations in temperature during this critical phase.


We use anonymised procedures to inventory the contents of our storage facilities at regular intervals. The information is recorded on our protected, private server.

Showroom presentations

We have several showrooms which you can use to install and present your artworks, be it for appraising, monitoring or making a visual record of them.

Insurance (storage and temporary stay)

Take advantage of the services offered by our broker who is specialised exclusively in insuring artwork. You benefit from attractive insurance policies for storage and temporary stays.