Comprehensive logistics service for all the requirements relating to your work of art. Our many years of experience and the resulting trust enable us to provide you with exactly the assistance you need. You can therefore choose from a range of services, which we provide quickly and discretely.  

Exhibition logistics

In this main area of activity, we organise and coordinate all the logistics you require before executing them efficiently – regardless of whether it’s a small individual exhibition or a highly complex, large-scale event. Experience, specialised knowledge and trust are the basis for everything we do. In realising our logistics solutions, we work with select art-transport firms in Switzerland and abroad.

Galleries / auction houses

We organise and execute all transport to and from your gallery or storage site – by land, air or sea. This includes packing of every type, customs clearance (permanent and temporary export/import clearance) and, when required, assembly and disassembly of exhibits in the gallery itself. Best of all, we offer you cost-effective solutions.

Art Basel

Together with our partners and agents from around the world, we provide comprehensive logistics support during your time in Basel. We gladly tailor our services to meet your needs so you can concentrate on Art Basel and your objectives as a gallerist, collector or art lover.

Customs clearance

Thanks to our in-house customs declarants, your artworks cross the border without delay. This applies to temporary and permanent imports, transit documents (national and international), arrival and departure registration at the bonded warehouse, CITES exports and imports, and ATA Carnet.


Our broker is specialised in insuring artwork and can offer you favourable rates – whether you need cover for transport, storage or a temporary stay. The insurance includes all risks, such as terrorism, strikes and unrest.

Restauration and documentation

If your artwork has been damaged, our partnerships with professional restorers and conservators can be of help. We would also be glad to verify and document your artwork’s condition, or have our expert photographers take pictures of it.