Every piece of art is unique – and so is its packaging. We fabricate made-to-measure containers and top-quality crating for each artwork in our in-house joinery shop. Our solutions range from straightforward soft packing to travel frames, open-slat crates, standard picture crates and climate-controlled crates, not to mention custom-made containers.

Climate-controlled crates

Shipped in our lacquered, climate-controlled crates at a constant temperature and humidity, your artwork is impervious to all fluctuations in temperature or weather – thanks to the two-ply insulation, climate-controlled closures and sealing tape. Made of ISPM-15 (IPPC)-certified European three-ply spruce, the crates are also available as painting crates, compartment crates, object crates and double crates.

Standard transport crates

Our standard transport crates ensure that your work or art arrives safely. The crates are made to measure and consist of ISPM-15 (IPPC)-certified three-ply spruce from European sources. They are fitted with the appropriate insulating material and standard screws and can be lacquered upon request.

Transport frames and crates

Transport frames and crates designed for objects are suitable for paintings whose surface must not come in contact with the packaging. Moreover, they are less expensive than transport boxes. The material consists of ISPM-15 (IPPC)-certified European spruce and plastic film (optional: corrugated cardboard or semi-opaque KIBO twin-wall panels). Paintings are secured to the transport frames using Oz clips in two sizes.

Lightweight packaging

Lightweight packaging is the primary protection for your artwork. It is available in various versions as bubble wrap / Tyvek (with or without edge protection), as standard cardboard packaging, as U-shaped cardboard packaging with corrugated cardboard panels and wood/Ethafoam strips on the lower edge, and as tailor-made FastART boxes.

Customised solutions

Packaging requirements vary, depending on the nature, shape and size of an artwork. A tailor-made container is often the only sensible solution. Our specialists would be glad to view your artwork on site in order to recommend customised packaging.

Hired crates and art cases for exhibitions

Sometimes the answer is hiring climate-controlled crates and art cases for temporary use during exhibitions and trade fairs. We have everything you need – including attractive rates.

We can offer you:

– Customised painting trolleys
– Bases and platforms including covers
– Customised packing tables