When it comes to assembling, hanging and other highly sensitive tasks, our technicians and specialists offer you professional installing and deinstalling services from A to Z – for all your works of art.

Assembling and dismantling exhibitions

We use our own specialised equipment – such as gantry cranes in various sizes – for installing objects and sculptures. Our technical experts carefully support and supervise the entire process step by step. We work with specialist firms when needed.

Hanging or rehanging

The art of properly hanging pictures is not an art if you know what counts. If, however, you find you need assistance when installing certain art objects, our specialists will be glad to help.

Installation and deinstallation service

Whether the task is assembly, hanging or deinstallation, you can book our services based on your specific needs. If you prefer, our technicians can view your artwork on site in advance. The information and ideas gained will help you identify the optimal solution.