Together with our specialist partners, we transport paintings, sculptures and installations to any destination around the globe, reliably and in top condition. Our comprehensive transport service makes it possible to send your artwork by land, air or sea.

Land transport

We transport your work of art within Switzerland and abroad using our special climate-controlled, air-suspension vehicles. Each vehicle is permanently monitored using GPS – and can even be accompanied by a courier or security escort, if desired. Or are you looking to move a particularly tall piece of art? With an interior height of 311 cm, our jumbo trailer is the ideal solution.

Maritime transport

Sending shipments by sea is a cost-effective alternative to air freight, especially for larger volumes. We “route” the containers directly to our climate-controlled, secure storage facility for loading and unloading. In addition to standard containers (20-foot or 40-foot), we also offer you temperature-controlled reefer containers.

Air freight

Air transport is often the best option for quickly shipping artwork. As a “regulated agent”, we meet the strict security requirements for dispatching air-freight shipments on our own. Thanks to our central location in Basel, we can convey shipments to the airports in Basel-Mulhouse, Zurich, Frankfurt/Main and Luxembourg in no time at all.

Airport surveillance

In cooperation with our partners, we can monitor your shipment at all major airports, including on the tarmac. That means you’ve got everything under control no matter where your artwork is.

Courier service

We book and manage all flights, airport courier services, airport transfers, hotel reservations, escort vehicles (for multiple couriers) and per diems.

Insurance (“nail-to-nail” transport)

Optimally insured, thanks to our broker who specialises exclusively in insuring art. Take advantage of our attractive insurance offers for nail-to-nail transport.